About Us

Our goal is to provide Syrian Children with toys, books, schools supplies, social activities and counseling.

The Syrian Revolution was started by kids’ cries for freedom. Unfortunately, the casualties in Syria have also been disproportionately children. Many efforts have been put forth to provide humanitarian aid for Syria’s refugees,  but very little focus has been placed on the children’s cognitive and emotional needs.

We are working with many humanitarian organizations such as the ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross) and local and regional relief organizations. We are planning a trip in the near future to the refugee camps in Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq.

You can write us to:

Toys For Syrian Children
PO Box 87014
Canton, MI 48187 
Phone / Fax (262) 264-3974

Culturally Speaking is a US based nonprofit organization formed to provide opportunities for people of varying cultures, ethnicities and faiths to interact and build bridges of friendship and cooperation.  Culturally Speaking sponsors events and activities such as poetry reading, book clubs, art shows, gift exchange and any other relationship-building activities within the Americans society AND between Americans and other nations around the globe.